Friday, December 16, 2011

(This information is directly from the Turnitin folks, informing us of some great new changes coming in the month of December! Please read carefully and share as necessary!)

Happy Holidays from the Turnitin team! We wanted to share with you some new features we've been working on.
Easier Rubric Viewing and Scoring

We've made it easier for instructors to view and score papers using rubrics. While viewing a paper in GradeMark, instructors can now expand the rubric that appears in the sidebar to see the full rubric table, descriptions and all. The expanded rubric opens in a new browser window and instructors can simply click on the rubric cells to score a student's paper.

Striking Text in GradeMark
A popular feature that has returned to GradeMark is the ability for instructors to cross out text on a student paper. To leave a strikethrough in GradeMark, the instructor must select the text in the paper and then click either Delete or Backspace on his or her keyboard. This will cause the blue selection highlight to turn into a red line through the selected text. Strikethroughs added to a paper will also appear on the Comments List in the sidebar.

Coming in January - New Student Homepage
In January we'll be improving the student homepage interface to make it easier for students to view assignments, preview rubrics and access feedback.

Visit the What's New page for more information about new features available in Turnitin.

As we approach the end of 2011, we wanted to highlight our significant improvements and feature releases.

OriginalityCheck Plagiarism Prevention

  • Improved Matching: Tuned matching algorithms to increase the threshold for matches to student papers. Read more.
  • View Full Source Text: View all of the text of a matching source and navigate across matches for that source. Learn how.

GradeMark Online Grading

  • Grammar Analysis: Integrated ETS e-rater(R) technology into GradeMark to automatically check student papers for grammar, usage, mechanics, style, and spelling. Learn how.
  • Student GradeMark View Indicator: Instructors can see if students have taken the time to open and view GradeMark feedback from the assignment inbox. Read more.
  • Improved Mark Styling: Comment marks expand wider and longer to allow for more text to be read with less scrolling.
  • Student Ability to Move Marks: Students are able to temporarily move comment bubbles so they can read the paper's text.

PeerMark Peer Review

  • PeerMark in Document Viewer: Instructors and student authors can view PeerMark reviews within the document viewer and layer with GradeMark and OriginalityCheck feedback. Learn how.
  • Scale Response Export: Export a Microsoft Excel file containing scale question response information for a PeerMark assignment.


  • Class Copy: Copy a class from one term to the next, including all assignments, associated rubrics as well as instructor-created discussion topics into your new class. Learn how.
  • Modified Due Dates: Instructors can set a post date before due date.
  • Improved Security: Default security measures create an encrypted link between Turnitin servers and your browser.

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