Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Note About the Grade Center in Merged Courses

The new "Service Pack 8" that will be loaded into Blackboard on May 18th, of course, has some new innovations. One of these innovations is a new merge tool…hence our decision not to merge courses until after the update. One of the features of merged courses will be a column in the grade center which indicates from which “child” course each enrollee has come. What this means is that you can now automatically sort by child course ID, effectively separating, visually, your classes in the grade center.

Sadly, however, this feature does not work correctly in the CHROME browser. One can sort by child course ID, but not secondarily by last name. This results in a random order in each child ID block.

According to the folks at Blackboard, there are no plans to address this, since, for them, the issue is basically a fundamental code problem with Chrome. 

Therefore, if you are planning to merge courses, we recommend that you use an alternate browser, such as Safari or Firefox.

Remember, if you wish to have summer courses merged, you can go ahead and fill out the merge form found under the FORMS tab in the Blackboard Support area.

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