Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Why I want to be a VIP BbWorld Blogger

That title sounds like one of those papers your teacher asked you to write back in the7th grade, doesn’t it? Well, my friends, Blackboard World 2012 is coming up, and those folks at Blackboard had a great idea: getting lots of people to blog about their experiences at the conference! Blogging during the conference, it seems, comes with special perks: preferred seating at all the keynote presentations; a ‘blogger badge’ to wear around during the conference (be still my heart!); a t-shirt to wear for the big Client Appreciation Party; and, of course, the opportunity to have people actually read what you take the time to write! There’s even a contest….they’re going to pay conference registration for a couple of chosen bloggers!

The truth is I want to blog for the faculty with whom I work here at Shenandoah University, letting them know about all the things I’m going to be learning at Bb World! If I had my way, I’d take them all (well…almost all!) with me to New Orleans so they could experience first-hand what I’ve been lucky enough to have been a part of almost every year since I began using Blackboard NEARLY 10 YEARS AGO! My experience has been that Blackboard conferences… and I’m including Blackboard World, Blackboard Southeast Users Group, and of course, more recently, Virginia Blackboard Users Group conferences…always have a way of rejuvenating me, giving me new insights and perspectives, and teaching me new things in the world of instructional technology. In addition, I feel like networking with other education professionals from across the state, or from around the world, is every bit as valuable as any session I attend, or any new skill I might bring back. I have often said I get my best information from sitting with someone I don’t know at dinner, or sitting around the hotel pool in the evening with someone from another school.

So I’m going to blog, my friends…whether or not I win a prize, get to wear the badge, or even sit close to the keynote speakers! Expect to hear from me! Next year, when Blackboard World rolls around, maybe I will have given you enough incentive to want to attend yourselves!

OH...did I mention it was in NEW ORLEANS this year?!

In case you're interested, here is a link to the Bb World site: Blackboard World 2012

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