Monday, July 9, 2012


So, I head out at 3 am tomorrow morning to drive to BWI in Baltimore, to then fly to Houston, and on to New Orleans to Bb World 2012. Tell me again why I do this!?

Well, I know why I do it…because I love my job, which is working with faculty at Shenandoah University to help them to understand how Blackboard works, and to enhance their course work with new and varied technologies available to them. Bb World always gives me, the trainer, a chance, not only to learn about all kinds of new technologies and trends in higher education, but it allows me to share some of my knowledge and my experiences with others. It is also a great time to network with others in similar roles at other institutions; to meet with vendors who may potentially offer us solutions to some of our challenges; to meet with and talk to some of the many users groups and their leaders who meet regularly at this conference. Oh….and then there’s the great food, the hospitality, and that client appreciation event at the end of the conference!!  Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of all these great opportunities for personal and professional development, AND of the bonus entertainment?

I’m sitting here in my office, taking a break for the moment from all the last-minute ‘stuff’ a person in my position has to do just before leaving the office for several days. Make sure everyone knows where I’m going…CHECK. Set my email auto-reply…CHECK. Send out my phone number to key players….CHECK. Print out my boarding passes and shuttle passes….CHECK. Pick up cash advance from the business office….CHECK.  Answer 7 faculty email requests for help…..CHECK. Make one more list of everything I still need to do…..CHECK.

Hope to see many of you there in NOLA! Should be another great conference!

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