Monday, July 8, 2013


As I prepare myself to fly out to Las Vegas today for the Blackboard World conference, I have to admit I have a lot of anxiety already over getting to the airport, finding parking, getting the shuttle, getting my bag checked, getting through security, etc. It’s normal for me, I guess. I love flying, but I’m never really settled until I get past the security check. Here’s me with my laptop, my iPad, my iPod Touch, my cell phone, my camera, and my folder of travel paperwork and conference-related things I need to remember, my little baggie of bottles with no more than 3…you get the picture! I’m probably the guy you hate to get behind in security!
I’ve tried to cut down on things that slow me down. I no longer wear a hat with a metal button in top. I wear pants without a belt. I try to remember to empty my pockets of change before I get to the checkpoint. I wear slip-on shoes, despite the fact that they have no support and my feet are killing me. Still, getting out my computer and iPad, and putting them in separate buckets on the conveyor, remembering to take off my cell phone….it just basically unnerves me for a brief time. Then, of course, there is NEVER a good place in the airports to put all your stuff back in order, put your shoes back on, put a belt back on before your pants fall off, all while (and I’m SO glad I’m past these days!) trying to manage and contain your children, watch your purse, make sure that’s YOUR cell phone you just dropped in your bag.
Anyway, wish me luck today! My last trip to the airport was a real nail-biter, when we were stopped on the highway because of a large accident (20 emergency vehicles!), only a few miles from the airport, and just beyond the exit where we could have detoured! We were very lucky that day! Some nice guy came along, and we were never sure who he was or in what capacity he did this, but he re-routed traffic off that highway behind us, even allowing us to turn around and detour off that exit as well! We made our flight, but not without a lot of running, sweating, and worry! Today I am leaving PLENTY early, and allowing myself some time to sit in the terminal and people-watch while I play music on my iPad, play WORDS WITH FRIENDS, and read my emails!
Have a great week, everyone, and watch this space for upcoming blog entries from Blackboard World 2013 in Las Vegas! This week, for me, at least, what happens in Vegas is DEFINITELY not staying in Vegas!

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